key part of Safeguarding Ireland’s work is enhanced public understanding of attitudes, behaviours, circumstances and systems that create vulnerability and require a safeguarding response.

Place of Care – February 2020

Safeguarding Ireland’s current Public Awareness campaign is on Place of Care and better Planning Ahead. It is taking place from February 17-28.

Read the campaign NEWS RELEASE here.

View and complete the THINK AHEAD form, which is an initiative of the Irish Hospice Foundation, here.


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Financial Abuse – November 2019

Safeguarding Ireland delivered a public awareness campaign on Financial Abuse in partnership with Banking & Payments Federation Ireland in November 2019.

Read the campaign NEWS RELEASE here – 20% of Adults Experience Financial Abuse


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Call it out – May 2019

In May 2019 Safeguarding Ireland ran a Public Awareness campaign focused on ‘Calling out’ adult abuse. See the materials below.

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Locked In Room



Safeguarding Ireland does not deal with specific cases of abuse, or alleged abuse.

The HSE has a social work service that you can contact if you have a concern about a vulnerable adult who may be at risk of abuse. There are nine teams located throughout the country. You can find information on how to get in touch with them on the Contact page.

Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20204851.