Tuesday, July 13 2021.

Adult Safeguarding Legislation required to tackle Nursing Homes concerns

Statement from Safeguarding Ireland Chairperson, Patricia Rickard-Clarke

“Safeguarding Ireland has concerns in relation to the safeguarding issues identified in nursing homes during the COVID-19 crisis that have come to light through various sources, and most recently the RTE Primetime programme aired on July 1st.

“These safeguarding issues are a very serious cause for concern, not only for residents and their families, but also for nursing home proprietors, the HSE, the government and wider society.

“Safeguarding Ireland has long called for the establishment of an independent safeguarding authority supported through the introduction of adult safeguarding legislation.

“The concerns that have been highlighted over the last 16 months further illustrate the absolute need for adult safeguarding legislation.

“Though the revelations that have come to light recently support the need for such legislation, it is an unfortunate fact that safeguarding concerns arise across a range of living arrangements and can affect adults at any age.

“The only way to offer significant protection for adults at risk of abuse is through primary safeguarding legislation.”

Further Information

Ronan Cavanagh, Safeguarding Ireland / Cavanagh Communications: (086) 317 9731.


Safeguarding Ireland promotes safeguarding of vulnerable adults to protect them from was all forms of abuse by persons, organisations and institutions and to develop a national plan for promoting their welfare.