PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: Tougher laws would encourage the public to ‘call out’ abuse of vulnerable adults

Sunday, May 19, 2019: 10% have witnessed abuse of a vulnerable adult in the past year Public seeks dedicated 24-hour helpline for adult abuse 10% of Irish adults have witnessed adult abuse in the past year and 81% have said that tougher laws would encourage them to...

Just 2% of safeguarding concerns raised by those who experience alleged abuse

February 4, 2019: Just 2% of safeguarding concerns reported to the HSE are made directly by those who may have been abused, with almost all concerns reported by third parties. Safeguarding Ireland today encouraged more people to self-report, if they believe they are...

PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: Almost half of Adults have not Planned Ahead to Safeguard their Future

October 14, 2018: Almost half of adults in Ireland have not planned ahead for their future leaving themselves more vulnerable to abuse – according to new research commissioned by Safeguarding Ireland. The Red C research found that less than half of Irish adults do not...


Safeguarding Ireland brings together 30 key organisations inpublic services, legal and financial services, the health and socialcare professions, regulatory authorities and NGOs representing older people, people with disabilities and carers.

All have come together with one objective in mind – to ensure that adults who may be vulnerable are safeguarded.


Safeguarding Ireland

Independent Chairperson

Patricia Rickard Clarke, 2019.


Safeguarding Ireland does not deal with specific cases of abuse, or alleged abuse.

The HSE has a social work service that you can contact if you have a concern about a vulnerable adult who may be at risk of abuse. There are nine teams located throughout the country. You can find information on how to get in touch with them on the Contact page.

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